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Dear Friends and Fellow Publishers,


Publishers around the world are always looking for new, interesting and innovative titles for children and young readers. Following that note, Quixot team has worked out few interesting titles that cater to the intellectual, emotional and psychological needs of kids.

We’d like you to explore our new range of:
Story Books, Picture Books, Doodle Books, EQ, IQ, CQ Titles, Activity Books, Environment Based Titles, Encyclopaedia, Q&A Titles, Board Games… and many more!

We shall be glad to invite you to see us at below mentioned venues to discuss business possibilities.

Bologna book fair Hall No. 29 stand no B-35

London Book fair Hall No. EC-1 stand no C-406

We look forward to meet you in Bologna and London!

Ashish Kapoor / Sharad Luthra

For fixing appointments, please mail us at

Have a quick look at some of the titles:


Series Name: Aesop’s Fables
Titles: 25
Pages: 12

Series Name: Anger Management
Titles: 50
Pages: 24

Series Name: Early learner
(Theme based Stories)
Titles: 10
Pages: 20

Series Name: Graded EQ, IQ, CQ Stories
Pages: 24

Series Name: World Story
Titles: 10
Pages: 16